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How did the Human Race Land on Earth or Are we Just Living an Illusion - Dream? - 3

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Human beings experience the following States of Mind...

Waking State when awake and conscious.
Day Dreaming State when awake and conscious.
Dream State when asleep and conscious.
Deep Sleep State when asleep and unconscious.

Every human being dreams either during the day, called day dreaming or at night called just dreams.

Day dreaming during the Waking State or as it is called Imagination is just a conscious creation of thoughts in the mind.

These thought patterns are basically just retrieval and processing of existing data with appropriate software.

This results in creation of virtual events in the mind, creation of a whole new existence within the human mind, a whole new universe!

These virtual events are very much within the physical universe - Just as the human being himself of herself experiences real events within the realm of the physical universe - In fact, this virtual event actually exists within a real event.

For eg, in the above image, the real event is the guy driving the vehicle and the virtual event is what is going on in his mind.  It is just that his driving appears real while what is going on in his mind is like a movie on a movie screen or a television show on a television.

However, from the perspective of that human being, the virtual day dreaming seems to be a real experience from point A (the start) to point B (the end) at that point in time.

Point A (birth of the dream) --------------------------to point B (death of the dream).

As the day dreaming ends and the human being is jolted back into the real physical world, he would know for sure that it was just an illusion or a dream.  In that short span of dream time, one goes through so many THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS.  Yet at the end of it all, one becomes aware that it was just an illusion, a dream.

Human beings go through multiple such states of illusions and day dreams every day of our lifetime.  Every time each such event seems to be real but once it ends, the awareness dawns that it was just a dream.

In most cases, we remember these ILLUSORY EVENTS only for a short period of time and then it cannot be recalled, but yet they get copied, stored, indexed into our hard disk (brain and/or cellular level).  It is possible that one may even recall these illusions or dreams at a future point in time for whatever reason...

So in a nutshell, in our Waking State of Mind, a human being is living many virtual lives within his current real physical life.

These many virtual lives (daydreaming) within a real physical life seems to be a conscious effort, however, sometimes it seems to be not a conscious effort, it just happens!.

Dreaming during the Sleeping State is again the same recall and processing of data.  The only difference is that it is not a conscious process and seems to be out of our control.

It seems to be more of a subconscious event or an auto-pilot event than a conscious effort towards imagination.

There is also the fact that sometimes we dream about people and places that we never seem to have met or known or seen in our real physical world.

This could be attributed to the zillions of bytes of data coming through our five sense organs (windows to the outer Universe) and constantly being stored in our hard disk at the brain level and/or the cellular level....

So, these people and places that u think u have never known or met are part of the stored data, though we might not have consciously noticed them at the physical visual level.

During the dream state, one is conscious of the event and may even remember it distinctly on waking up.  It is also a fact that when one is experiencing the dream state one is not aware that one is asleep and the dream seems very real.

As we come out of our dream state back into the Waking state, we again realize that this dream event was again just an illusion.

One third of a human life spent in the Sleeping state and within that so many dream states and so many illusory lives!


The point that I am trying to make is that within this lifetime on planet earth we are experiencing Multiple States of Illusions every day in the waking state and every night in the sleeping state.

Birth of an Illusion > Experience of the Illusion > Death of the Illusion > Back in the real physical world.

Birth > Experience > Death...and so on and on...

Within all these illusory dream events or illusory lives, there is so much thought/emotion involved, pain, hurt, joy, happiness, anger, envy...Exactly the same as one experiences in the so called real Waking State of Life...


So, what if our entire so called real existence in the physical universe itself is a dream...

"The Dream of taking Birth...Experiencing this life.....The Dream of dying"

Our entire life in this physical world itself may be A Greater Illusion within which there are:

Multiple Conscious Illusions (Daydreaming in the Waking State)/Multiple smaller lifetimes

Multiple Auto-Conscious Illusions (Dreams in the Sleeping State)/Multiple smaller lifetimes

In fact this Greater Illusion in the so called physical world now maybe a dream within another dream.......within another dream.........within another dream.......within......

Science tells us that the entire Universe is qualitatively similar to the tiny atom or the Set is qualitatively similar to the subset and this subset is qualitatively similar to further subsets and so on....

This life of a human being could be a subset within a greater subset which in turn is within a greater subset....exactly as the atom is to the Universe....


The Events/Experiences in this huge dream or illusion of Life or Physical Existence on this planet may not be under our control.

It could be more like the dreams we have in the sleeping state or it could even be  a mix of waking dream state and the sleeping dream state.

When the events are compulsive and just happening mechanically completely out of our control, it could be like the sleeping dream state.

When there are events where we seem to be using our will power or conscious effort, it could be like the waking dream state.

We do not know.

This is just a CONCEPT.

So, where and when are we going to wake up after this huge illusion?

We do not know.

Yet, if one has faith in some CONCEPT or CONCEPTS and is willing to pursue and experience a SPECIFIC PROCESS OR PROCESSES (Sadhana in Sanskrit) around these CONCEPTS...

Then we may have the ANSWERS to WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHERE, WHEN, WHETHER, WHO, WILL????....

And we may know when and where we may be after the end of this GREAT ILLUSION.

The important thing to realize is that if indeed this physical existence is a huge illusion, then, we surely know what to do with the seemingly real GREED, ANGER, ENVY, SORROW, PAIN, HAPPINESS, JOY, HEAT, COLD, UR GOD/MY GOD, UR COUNTRY/MY COUNTRY, UR MONEY/MY MONEY/UR LAND/MY LAND, UR FOOD/MY FOOD, UR WATER/MY WATER......Human Folly is Endless!!!

Its just a dream, so just let go...
Yet we do seem to exist, so manage it appropriately...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How did the Human Race Land on Earth or Are we Just Living an Illusion - Dream? - 2

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Q:  Did the Human Race evolve from Monkeys over a span of millions of years?

Comment:  That is what Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution tells us.

Even if we assume this to be true, we are yet to find the missing transition link between monkey and man.

Picture of the mandible of the oldest Homo fossil found in Ethiopia
This jawbone from the place where it was spotted by Arizona State University grad student Chalachew Seyoum, puts the first members of the human genus Homo in the Afar region of Ethiopia half a million years earlier than previously thought.
Photograph by Kaye Reed

A new reconstruction of this fossil Homo habilis skull, called Olduvai Hominid 7, finds a mix of primitive and more modern traits, including a larger brain than previously thought, suggesting a big-brained common ancestor in the Homo lineage.

Photograph by John Reader

"The new Ethiopian fossil, announced online by the journal Science, pushes the arrival of Homo on the East African landscape back almost half a million years, to 2.8 million years ago. The date is tantalizingly close to the last known appearance, around three million years ago, of Australopithecus afarensis, an upright-walking, small-brained species best known from the skeleton called Lucy, believed by many scientists to be the direct ancestor of our genus. The new jaw, known as LD 350-1, was found in January 2013 just a dozen miles from where Lucy was found in 1974."

This is Archaeology and Carbon Dating Science at its best with all its Human Limitations.

If Human beings existed 2.8 million to 3 million years ago on earth, and then if u extrapolate the Human Population Calculator back to 3 million years, we only have a huge Population Explosion of Human beings on Earth.  If u extrapolate it back to a few million years for man to evolve from monkeys, then we have an Earth INFESTED by monkeys.

"Prehistory begins in the Paleolithic Era, or "Early Stone Age," which is followed by the Neolithic Era, or New Stone Age, and the Agricultural Revolution (between 8000 and 5000 BCE) in the Fertile Crescent"

This image depicts the Earliest Human Civilizations on Earth from 3000 BC to 1000 AD.

The earliest human civilizations from 3000 BC, would need to have a human population of a few zillions just for me to have been born in the 20th century, courtesy Human Population Calculator

File:World population growth (lin-log scale).png

According to Anthropologists, the Human Population grew on a linear scale from 10 million in 10,000 BC to 7.000 million in 2000 AD in a linear fashion.  Compare this to the Human Genetic Population Calculator and again the numbers do not add up nor does the linear scale add up.

Science with Technology has changed human lives and provided Human Beings so-called Comforts (along with side effects).  Yet Science with Technology has Limitations, the Limitation of being a Human Being in a Physical Human Body.

Neither does Scripture nor does the Scientific data about how human beings came to exist on earth add up to simple mathematical common sense.  I need a pair of human beings to produce me.  This pair needs another two pairs of human beings to produce them.  Again, these two pairs need another four pairs of human beings to produce them...and so on...

Refer here for the Human Population Calculator: